Musings and Snoozes

It’s all about the balance

on January 31, 2016


Aaaah and I think we’re back to “normal”. Meds have been collected, more importantly they’ve been taken, and I think we’re back on track.

I’ve had an interesting week at work, causing chaos and just generally ruffling a few feathers, but it’s been really good to have something to focus on. Now I just have to apply the same motivation to everything else and get back on track with my exercise, my writing, the pooch etc. It’s rare I ever manage to get the balance right, but I need to be careful not to solely focus all this newfound energy on work, and remember to leave some of it for my poor friends and family.

So far I’ve spent Friday night working, Saturday snoozing, and today out with Max, so I think that’s an alright balance. Max now has a beautiful little tattoo on her ankle and I feel better for having had a lovely catch up with one of my best friends 🙂


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