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All things head related


Having a couple of days off to recover before going back to work today has helped keep me flare-free thank goodness, although I haven’t escaped the annoying headache of doom which appeared yesterday afternoon and hasn’t had the decency to sod off yet. On the plus side it’s not a migraine, on the down side it’s just painful enough to stop me being able to concentrate properly, or do anything fun. Pissy Lizard just about sums it up.

But, that said, pissy Lizard has survived work at least, and I’m now on stage two of project New Hair, while waiting for the pain meds to kick in enough to allow me to sleep. Project New Hair isn’t actually as exciting as it sounds (at least not by my usual multicoloured standards), but I did cut it last night and dyed it what was supposed to be red, but I added too much lightener to it so is actually more like orange. Despite several compliments at work I’m not all that fond of orange, so some bright red streaks are going in it to make me feel better. I’m also hoping that the well known healing qualities of hair dye might help the headache too, or at least the hot shower afterwards might anyway. In fact I should probably go do that before my hair falls out, having been left for an hour or so…. Oops!

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The end of a fun-filled week *ow*


So I might have overdone it a bit this week and I’m now reaching collapse point. That’s not to say it hasn’t been a fab week and worth every moment, but there will have to be some serious resting on Sunday and Monday, before heading back to work on Tuesday.

I’m currently doing a spot of recovery with a chocolate brownie (which is clearly well known for its healing powers) and then a last minute mooch around Hexham, assuming my body behaves. It might be time to break out the crutch, but I’m stubbornly avoiding it at the moment.

We’re heading back home tomorrow, so just a small six hour drive to get through, although to be honest I find driving so relaxing that I’m not too bothered about it. Plus I have my bargainous heat/massage seat in the car too, so it’s positive bliss. Not to mention that it means I get my own personal heating system so Jon doesn’t have to endure me in control of the temperature.

Suffice to say tho, mini flare up and collapse point aside, it’s been such a good week and I’m pretty sure mum has had a whale of a time with Auntie Barb, Ian, and some crazy old school friends. A successful birthday week all round 🙂

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Gifts all round! 🎁


I got new arm warmers! Perfect timing for the frozen north! One of mum’s lovely friends wasn’t wearing them, so thought of me, and I love them 💕


Finally got to give mum the final part of her birthday surprise this morning too. She’s just as excited as I hoped she’d be! So that’s tomorrow sorted.

Today is mooching and then later out to dinner to celebrate. I’m looking forward to going out for a drive round here – I’ve done so many journeys up here but only ever as a passenger, so it should be fun to have the chance to drive 😊

I’m doing OK energy wise, still pretty tired but the pain is reasonable at least. As long as I wear a hundred layers, get in a nap each day, and remember to take my medication then I think I’ll be OK!

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Coffee and Me Time


This is my plan for this week. We’ve done the 6 hour drive up here, had a good night’s sleep, and now starts the coffee and relaxing.

I am determined to try to forget about work for a week. It’s taken up every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment over the last couple of weeks and while I enjoy it, I need to remember to focus on me for a bit, and probably those around me too.

So here we are in the frozen north (it snowed yesterday), it’s mum’s birthday tomorrow, and we have the whole week to mooch, chill, and generally enjoy taking things at our own pace. Real life can wait for a bit, while we swim in the happiness that is a gigantic coffee cup.

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I have been dying to use this picture for ages and honestly today seems like the perfect opportunity.

I haven’t quite managed the writing everyday, but I hope to improve and I’m already doing better than last year’s sporadic posting! In all honestly, a lot of my life is being taken over by work at the moment, so not only am I pretty busy, but I also can’t really talk about it much on here. Things are heading in what I hope is a good direction in the long run, it’s just proving to be a tricky minefield in the meantime! Walking on eggshells and trying not to burn immediate bridges is bloody hard work, and today I most definitely reached the “whatever bitches” stage! But I’m taking a risk, I’m sticking to my principles, and sometimes really, “whatever” is the best option.

In more exciting news that I can talk about, we’re getting a new sofa delivered tomorrow! I cannot wait! I’m going to spend all day at work thinking about it and I hope it’s going to make the day thoroughly bearable. Of course this relies on me getting off the current sofa and making sure the delivery guys can actually get in. Effort. Whatever bitches.

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Aaaah insomnia, we meet again


Yep, this right here! It’s now 3.25am and I think I’ve managed approximately 10 minutes sleep so far.

My husband on the other hand….. Zzzzzz!

Oh coffee, you and me are going to have fun tomorrow.

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Is it snooze time yet?


So I am thoroughly knackered. In all honesty working all day and then coming home and working some more is probably contributing to that. But as those of you who work with me know, if I’m going to shake things up and ruffle feathers in the company then I’m going to damn well make sure I do it properly. It’s just that sadly it’s going to involve putting a lot of me into it, and I should probably be a bit careful not to burn out before I’ve had chance to achieve anything!

But things are pretty good in general. My meds have evened themselves out again, thank god, and I’m now well past the shaky, nauseous phase. I have my next consultant appointment in a few weeks and a doctors appointment before that (to check up on my slightly crazy heart rate) so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of those.

Most importantly I’ve got mum’s birthday week coming up. She has no idea what Jon and I have planned (mwahaha), but I’m really looking forward to a week away and hopefully a bit of rest too 🙂

Overall it’s been a week full of crazy ups and downs, but there have been some amazing people, both at home and at work, who have kept me sane and reminded me to stay determined. It’s weeks like this that remind me how lucky I am 🙂

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Head up Lizard, stay strong


So today was all kinds of awesome followed by all kinds of frustrating. The latter won out for a while until a much needed talking to and the above quote.

I am awesome, I’m doing the right thing, and I need to remember that, even when I’m being criticised.

*determined face*


Sweet as pie


Honestly, it’s true. One of the nicest things I can do is share my excessive level of sarcasm with you. It’s how you’ll know I truly value you. If I’m sweet and polite, you can pretty much forget it. I don’t do pussy footing and I don’t so saccharine, life is too short.

When you need me though, as in truly need me, I’ll be there in a heartbeat. Sarcasm works just as well with a hug, some tears, and a threat to destroy anyone who hurts you.

After all, that’s what friends are for 🙂

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