Musings and Snoozes

Is it snooze time yet?

on February 4, 2016


So I am thoroughly knackered. In all honesty working all day and then coming home and working some more is probably contributing to that. But as those of you who work with me know, if I’m going to shake things up and ruffle feathers in the company then I’m going to damn well make sure I do it properly. It’s just that sadly it’s going to involve putting a lot of me into it, and I should probably be a bit careful not to burn out before I’ve had chance to achieve anything!

But things are pretty good in general. My meds have evened themselves out again, thank god, and I’m now well past the shaky, nauseous phase. I have my next consultant appointment in a few weeks and a doctors appointment before that (to check up on my slightly crazy heart rate) so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of those.

Most importantly I’ve got mum’s birthday week coming up. She has no idea what Jon and I have planned (mwahaha), but I’m really looking forward to a week away and hopefully a bit of rest too 🙂

Overall it’s been a week full of crazy ups and downs, but there have been some amazing people, both at home and at work, who have kept me sane and reminded me to stay determined. It’s weeks like this that remind me how lucky I am 🙂


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