Musings and Snoozes


on February 9, 2016


I have been dying to use this picture for ages and honestly today seems like the perfect opportunity.

I haven’t quite managed the writing everyday, but I hope to improve and I’m already doing better than last year’s sporadic posting! In all honestly, a lot of my life is being taken over by work at the moment, so not only am I pretty busy, but I also can’t really talk about it much on here. Things are heading in what I hope is a good direction in the long run, it’s just proving to be a tricky minefield in the meantime! Walking on eggshells and trying not to burn immediate bridges is bloody hard work, and today I most definitely reached the “whatever bitches” stage! But I’m taking a risk, I’m sticking to my principles, and sometimes really, “whatever” is the best option.

In more exciting news that I can talk about, we’re getting a new sofa delivered tomorrow! I cannot wait! I’m going to spend all day at work thinking about it and I hope it’s going to make the day thoroughly bearable. Of course this relies on me getting off the current sofa and making sure the delivery guys can actually get in. Effort. Whatever bitches.


One response to “Whatever!

  1. paws2smile says:

    Haha!! I love the pic! And how you ended your post! 🙂

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