Musings and Snoozes

The end of a fun-filled week *ow*

on February 19, 2016


So I might have overdone it a bit this week and I’m now reaching collapse point. That’s not to say it hasn’t been a fab week and worth every moment, but there will have to be some serious resting on Sunday and Monday, before heading back to work on Tuesday.

I’m currently doing a spot of recovery with a chocolate brownie (which is clearly well known for its healing powers) and then a last minute mooch around Hexham, assuming my body behaves. It might be time to break out the crutch, but I’m stubbornly avoiding it at the moment.

We’re heading back home tomorrow, so just a small six hour drive to get through, although to be honest I find driving so relaxing that I’m not too bothered about it. Plus I have my bargainous heat/massage seat in the car too, so it’s positive bliss. Not to mention that it means I get my own personal heating system so Jon doesn’t have to endure me in control of the temperature.

Suffice to say tho, mini flare up and collapse point aside, it’s been such a good week and I’m pretty sure mum has had a whale of a time with Auntie Barb, Ian, and some crazy old school friends. A successful birthday week all round πŸ™‚


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