Musings and Snoozes

All things head related

on February 23, 2016


Having a couple of days off to recover before going back to work today has helped keep me flare-free thank goodness, although I haven’t escaped the annoying headache of doom which appeared yesterday afternoon and hasn’t had the decency to sod off yet. On the plus side it’s not a migraine, on the down side it’s just painful enough to stop me being able to concentrate properly, or do anything fun. Pissy Lizard just about sums it up.

But, that said, pissy Lizard has survived work at least, and I’m now on stage two of project New Hair, while waiting for the pain meds to kick in enough to allow me to sleep. Project New Hair isn’t actually as exciting as it sounds (at least not by my usual multicoloured standards), but I did cut it last night and dyed it what was supposed to be red, but I added too much lightener to it so is actually more like orange. Despite several compliments at work I’m not all that fond of orange, so some bright red streaks are going in it to make me feel better. I’m also hoping that the well known healing qualities of hair dye might help the headache too, or at least the hot shower afterwards might anyway. In fact I should probably go do that before my hair falls out, having been left for an hour or so…. Oops!


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