Musings and Snoozes

Keep swimming lizard

on March 18, 2016


Well it’s been a while since I last checked in and quite honestly I don’t really know where to start. But being the night before my “surprise” birthday weekend, and having been made to feel so thoroughly spoilt today, I thought it was about time I dropped back in.

So…. My hair is blue and pink and purple at the moment. That seems like the most exciting update to share. I’ve had many compliments on it and I absolutely bloody love it. It’s also nicely matching my tattoos and most of clothes. Yay.


And actually that’s one of the little things that’s keeping me going at the moment. Beautiful hair and beautiful friends! I’m not going to go into detail on here (lord knows half of you have heard enough already), but work is proving to be somewhat challenging at the moment. Partly in a positive way, I like a good challenge after all, but it’s been pretty draining and I don’t see an end to it yet. I’m trying not to let it affect everything else, but sleeping and eating properly have kind of gone by the wayside over the last few weeks. Thankfully I have many lovely people both at home and at work who are looking after me and making sure I stay sane!

And so starts my birthday weekend. The thought of which has been what’s kept me going this week! My desk was covered in sparkles and banners when I rocked up this morning, not to mention cards and presents, so I felt very loved. Plus I have been continually teased about my “surprise” party all bloody week, which I know bits and pieces about, but still not nearly enough for someone who has the patience of a two year old.


And so here I am at mum’s, having been kicked out of the house and ordered not to return until 3pm tomorrow afternoon. The evening has been slightly blighted by the threat of mum’s house flooding due to a burst water main up the road (because clearly she hasn’t been flooded enough), but we think it’s starting to recede now, so we might be able to relax sometime soon.

So happy birthday me! Here’s to a bright and colourful year ahead with all the very awesome people I’m lucky enough to have in my life 🙂



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