Musings and Snoozes

Hold tight little girl, and this too shall pass

on March 27, 2016


I’ve always thought this. I’ve been fascinated by transition and the in-between times ever since I was a kid. Dusk and dawn possess a strange quality about them that I fell in love with from an early age – there’s something about knowing how fleeting they are before the day or night takes over.

It’s part of a bigger feeling that nothing is permanent and everything can change. Sometimes that can be a scary thought, no one wants to think about losing something good, but it can also be quite a reassuring feeling, especially when things are not how you’d like them to be.

It’s a peaceful feeling to watch the sun set and know that you’re part of a much bigger world that is constantly going on around you. I’m not talking from a religious perspective necessarily – I don’t think you have to believe in a certain deity to appreciate the wonders of the world – but that the sun rising and setting, the world turning, it all goes on regardless of your place in things. It’s a comfort I suppose. Something so out of my control that I can’t help but feel reassured that there’s more to life than the immediate.

And sometimes I need that comfort to put things into perspective. I actually started writing this post about six months ago but wasn’t able to get the words right. Now with Spring just around the corner and my life deciding to go for some interesting ups and downs, I felt I needed to revisit this to remember that there’s more to life than the now – the sun will set, but it’ll rise again the next morning.


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