Musings and Snoozes

Adulting is overrated

on April 6, 2016


Two hours sleep. Two. Suffice to say this morning was less than pleasant – even the dog didn’t dare come too close. And in the end I had to admit defeat and come home from work early. By the time it got to 2pm and I realised that I hadn’t done a single productive work-related thing, I decided there was precisely zero point in me being there. So once I’d finished scowling into my coffee and had a talking-to from Max, I managed to drive myself home in one piece (just!) and collapsed in a heap in bed.

Four hours of napping later and large glass of chocolate milk, and I think I might feel almost human again. Or as close as I ever get anyway. Honestly, when did this adulting thing become so hard? I feel I should apologise to my toddler self for the inevitable fights I used to have over nap time – I’m a firm believer that they should be brought back into my working day now. Sadly no matter how many times I suggest this, somehow it never seems to get approved. Can’t imagine why…..

So time to address the medication again. Mostly the fact that I’m rubbish at taking it, despite the app on my phone that pings incessantly, and that I just ignore. I’m sure Calpol was never this hard as a child. And maybe the fact that I seem to have categorically ignored everything I ever learnt in therapy last year about pacing and being kind to myself. Possibly should address that again too. Aside from all that, I’ve totally got this under control.

If you need me, I’ll be the one under the duvet, scowling at the world and generally just feeling sorry for myself. Feel free to send hugs and general pats on the head. Thanks.




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