Musings and Snoozes

Dear 3am, we have to stop meeting like this

on April 6, 2016


Just one night this week I’d really like to get some sleep. Or more accurately I’d like to sleep before 5am, so that I don’t then wake up at 7, unable to get out of bed due to utter exhaustion.

Considering I couldn’t keep my eyes open while Jess was here earlier, logically you’d have thought I’d have come straight to bed and fallen asleep. But no. Instead I’ve tossed and turned, gotten angry, thought about my day in great detail, thought about tomorrow in even more detail, tried counting sheep in three different languages, talked to the pooch, and drunk half a pint of chocolate milk. And here we are at 3.30am, awake, pissy, and positively fantasising about the sheer amount of coffee I’m going to need to get me through the day tomorrow.


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