Musings and Snoozes

And rain will make the flowers grow

on April 14, 2016


It smells beautiful outside. The rain has just started falling and in an instant I’m able to forget everything and just enjoy it. It’s warm, ish, so I spent a while in the garden, spinning poi; losing myself in the spin of my wrists, the brightly coloured tails, and the feel of cool rain on my skin. Bliss.

Some nights it’s words, others it’s music. Sometimes it wrapping myself up in someone else. Or it’s escaping to meditate for a while, to try and find my way again. I have a hundred different things to keep my feet on the ground, all of them instantly able to bring me back to me.

Tonight it’s the rain. The gentle silver droplets covering my skin until I don’t know where I start and the rain stops. And that’s the perfect place to be tonight.


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