Musings and Snoozes

Min lille en

on May 3, 2016


Sometimes…. Sometimes you just need looking after. Not just physically, although god knows you need that too, but to just be wrapped up and held, and told it’ll all be ok.

I’ve been five days without my medication now – an accident, again, I know – and nothing is quite right. It’s almost inexplicable, but the world just…looks different, slightly fuzzy around the edges, like I haven’t quite woken up properly. I’m numb, physically in places, and dreams and nightmares merge into one.

But I’m ok. It doesn’t always feel it, and there are moments I’m sure I’m not, but I am. God knows I’ve learnt to cope with this by now, although seemingly not to actually remember to prevent it, but I’ll get there. After all, it’s only been four years, right?

So never underestimate the power of gentle words and a safe place. It can make all the difference on days like these.


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