Musings and Snoozes

To the moon and back

on May 7, 2016


Pretty sure I need to be on a beach in Thailand right now. Or watching the world go by in New York. Or sat in a tetería in Granada, smoking shisha and drinking mint tea. I definitely feel the need to escape somewhere, somewhere I can get lost in and just forget everything for a while.

So instead I got some more ink. Cheaper than running away, right? I was only supposed to be going with Shell to get hers done (which is stunningly beautiful btw) but then Emzie had some free time and well, it just seemed rude not to really. So I resisted adding more to my arm or starting on anything from scratch, and got the additions to my moon that I’ve been thinking about for ages. It’s been looking a bit faded in comparison to my beautiful flowers (but then having worked out it’s nearly 10 years old, it’s not that surprising) so I wanted to give it a new lease of life. So I let Emzie loose with a marker pen and always, she came up with perfection. The moon has been touched up and the droplets, stars, key and feather have all been added. The only downside is that I of course can’t see it, so I have to keep looking at the picture to remind myself how lovely it looks 😀

tattoo moon

It might not be Thailand, or New York, or Granada, but it’s enough. Just a little addition to brighten up my day, help me forget the mess that is my horribly half medicated body, and have something beautiful to focus on for a while instead.


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