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There, but not here

on May 18, 2016

in betweens
Sometimes all I need is a little time away. Admittedly there would be slightly more relaxing and a bit less work involved if it were entirely my choice, but sitting here in absolute peace and quiet, with an entire evening ahead of me and no one to see and nowhere to go, is absolute bliss.

I like travelling. I like travelling on my own even more. Not that it’s not fun with friends and family, it is, but I think ever since I lived abroad I’ve loved the freedom of being by myself. I like the chaos of airports and just being another face amongst a crowd of people. I like being able to plug my headphones in, close my eyes, and forget where I am for a while. Landing in a country where nobody knows me, but at the same time watching others around me greet each other excitedly at Arrivals (there’s a reason Love Actually is such a favourite film of mine 🙂 ) I like cocooning myself in a hotel room, making it mine, albeit briefly, and being shut away from the outside world for a while. It’s like a safe space that neither time nor people can interrupt, unless I choose to invite them in.

Sadly tomorrow brings real life, although I’m hoping only briefly. I fully intend to spend the afternoon at least soaking in the pool and basking in the sauna, like the lizard that I am.

But for now there is quiet, a hot shower and a bed with three hundred pillows calling me. It might not last, but in this moment, I am completely at peace 🙂



2 responses to “There, but not here

  1. poppylee96 says:

    You have a really lovely blog! Also, your moon tattoo is gorgeous ❤

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