Musings and Snoozes

I’m not one to exaggerate but….

on June 12, 2016


Never mind my autobiography, it’s been the story of my weekend. I had so many plans and they were all foiled by the fact that I could no longer stand up by lunchtime yesterday. Given that I’d only been up since 11ish, it didn’t bode well. Skip forward 4 hours and I find myself waking up slightly disorientated, having only gone for a quick lie down. Oops.

I know I have to accept that days like this happen, but it never gets any less frustrating. When the pain and fatigue hit at the same time it’s crippling – one or the other is tolerable, but together, nope, life has to stop. The saving grace was that I did feel *slightly* better when I woke up, or at least slightly more awake, if not in just as much pain. I did however manage to brave the supermarket with Jon – even I felt it was harsh to make him go by himself – and so I felt sufficiently smug when I came home to collapse on the sofa. I decided to watch the England game (something I don’t think I’ve done since Dad was around) and fully enjoyed shouting profanities at the TV while Jon was safely in the kitchen, making my dinner – I’m sure we got the gender roles mixed up somewhere along the way, but I’m forever grateful for it!

Today has been much better, although I didn’t make it to the gym as planned, which is kind of a shame given the sheer amount of food I’ve eaten today. Mum treated us to lunch and I was so excited by the amount of gluten free choice on the menu that I *had* to eat it all, obviously. Suffice to say there was a small food coma….

So here I am, back on the sofa, BUT I’ve redyed my hair (pinky/purple now), been out for lunch, done a small amount of laundry, and I’ll do some yoga before bed, which isn’t bad for someone who couldn’t stand up yesterday. I have to take these little victories where I can, so despite my frustrations, I’m proud of me today.


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