Musings and Snoozes

Summer is a state of mind

on July 20, 2016

Aaah summer has finally arrived in England. Actually it’s probably arrived and nearly left again – pretty sure we’re due a thunderstorm any day now – but I am thoroughly enjoying it in the meantime. Except when I’m moaning, like a true Brit. So here’s my little list of all things fun, and slightly less fun, about summer:

Things I love about hot summer days:

Sunbathing – well actually shuttling to be precise. One of the joys of my various illnesses is that I cannot physically regulate my body temperature, hence I have to shuttle like a lizard . I have spent the last four days enjoying a cycle of sunbathing, tanning, sitting in the shade, cold shower. Rinse repeat. I bloody love it (except when I don’t, see further down). 

Along the same lines – the feel of the sun on my skin. Seriously, there is very little I love more in this world than the feeling of hot sun soaking into my skin. It is bliss. Of course I’m well aware it’s only bliss when you don’t have to actually physically do anything, like move, or work, but lying on the grass and soaking up all that vitamin D is all kinds of lovely. 

Pub gardens – there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a lazy summer  evening in a pub garden. There doesn’t even need to be cold beer involved (driving, see next point), but just enjoying the late evening sunshine and moaning with all the other British people about how bloody hot it’s been. We’re never happy… 

Driving with the roof down – anyone who knows me knows I love my car at the best of times, but I particular adore him at this time of year. It goes back to shuttling – it’s boiling hot, I can get a tan, but driving at some speed down twisty country roads means I get the cool breeze too. Pure bliss. Plus people stop me and ask about my car. I love that. 

Things I don’t love about hot summer days:

Trying to make the pooch keep cool. Honest to god, it’s like having a small child, only thankfully she can’t talk back. There are currently two strategically placed water bowls in the house, the fan on full blast, and she’s wearing a cool-wrap around her neck. She’s still whining, still panting, and still hasn’t touched the water. Siiiiigh.

The aforementioned lack of being able regulate my body temperature. The shuttling is nice and all, but it’s also bloody frustrating to go from freezing cold to boiling hot with nothing in between. Also on a slightly more worrying scale, it also sends me light headed and I’ve been known to pass out because my body can’t cope with very warm to very cool and vise versa. Consequently I spend a lot of my time having to sit with my head between my knees until the feeling passes. Beautiful. 

Not being able to sleep. Seriously, 90% humidity at 3am is unnecessary. I’ve been lucky enough to be off work so far this week so three hours sleep at night hasn’t been too much of an issue, but it can sort itself out before I have to go back to reality tomorrow. 

Really, we love to moan about the weather in England – let’s be honest, it’s always either too cold or too hot – but I love it and we’re bloody good at it 😊


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