Musings and Snoozes

Pancakes with abs

on July 26, 2016

And yet I’m still not a size 8. Pfft. 

However, I do need to remember how much better I feel after a good workout, both physically and mentally. I remember telling my therapist that I count my gym time as “me” time and she suggested I use it as exactly that – it can be just as relaxing as meditation or mindfulness, only with the added bonus of being physically good for me too. 

Sadly however, when I’m sat on the sofa at home with a big bar of chocolate giving me the eye, I find it hard to remember all this! So I’m writing a list of all the positive feelings in the hope that I can motivate myself a little more the next time the sofa comes calling:

  • Moving makes me feel better – this one may be simple (and obvious) but the sheer act of loosening my muscles and getting a bit out of breath makes my whole body relax. Consequently I feel less sluggish and the pain decreases. 
  • It’s an hour of “me” time. Sat at home, listening to Jon play Overwatch, checking my emails, scrolling through Facebook….none of these things relax me. In fact I just get wound up that I should be doing something, but I’m too tired, and then I get pissy that I’m tired and I’m wasting my evening etc etc. So instead, I could just get changed, get in the car, and go kill an hour on the treadmill. Much better. 
  • I get to listen to my music. If nothing else, there’s something lovely about plugging headphones in and having the music take over. And it’s not something I do at home. So grab the headphones and go! 
  • I have *more* energy when I get back from the gym than when I started. I HAVE to remember this one. So often I’m tired and fuzzy and slightly lethargic (read lazy) and so I decide I’d be better off staying where I am. RUBBISH! Even if I go and only manage half an hour, it will still wake me up and I WILL FEEL BETTER!  
  • I feel like I’ve done something with my evening and more importantly, I’m ready to face the next day. All the endorphins from a good workout mean I’m in a much better place to take on the world. It stops one bad day rolling into another, and feels like tomorrow is a whole new start. 

I should print this out and pin it up around the house (primarily by the sofa, let’s be honest). It may be hard, and some days it’s damn near impossible, but if I focus on how much better I can make myself feel, then it has to be worth it. Plus one hour on the treadmill means an extra slice of cake, right? 


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