Musings and Snoozes

Enjoy the beauty of becoming

on August 7, 2016

I am feeling all kinds of content right now. Kinda like I’m on the edge of something good, but not quite there yet. It’s exciting and satisfying, though as patience is not my strongest point, it’s frustrating too. Almost within touching distance, but not quite. 

I am currently enjoying a long weekend off work – much needed after the week I’ve had. Infuriating, busy, chaotic, and challenging pretty much sum it up. The challenging part I like, the rest have been more troublesome. But hey, I made it, I’m making progress and I don’t have to think about it again until Tuesday. 

I’m still doing good at the gym. I didn’t have the best morning on Friday – I had great plans which were all foiled by snoozing. But after a couple of hours on the sofa catching up on episodes of The Magicians (which I am now addicted to), I dragged my backside out of the house and spent a satisfying 45 mins or so working up a sweat. It feels good to be making progress and seeing what my body is capable of (so long as I’m careful and remember to rest). For some reason I’m still not a size 8 (she says while supping a very large latte), but I’m feeling good, and that’s half the battle – the dress sizes can come later. 

So I’m sat in Costa, enjoying the aforementioned latte, having spent last night with my lovely school friends, dancing the night away at a wedding. I’m paying for it this morning of course – aches and pains everywhere – but it was worth it to catch up and see an old friend enjoy her special day. I’m a sucker for a wedding – if I could go back and do mine all over again I would. Not because it wasn’t perfect, but just because it was so much fun! From the whimsical first plans, the dress picking, the invite making (eventually, we were a bit lax on this part), right through to having all of our friends and family together, celebrating with us – I loved every moment. 

So today brings rest and recovery, before more venturing out tomorrow and back to reality on Tuesday. I feel good, and I’m going to enjoy it 🙂

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