Musings and Snoozes

Breathe in, breathe out little girl

on December 4, 2016

We went to church tonight. Essentially my mum and I can be found at any given church in a ten mile radius that’s offering Christmas carols and mulled wine. Neither of us are in the least bit Christian, but we have no shame. 

And actually, I love it. I don’t think it matters what you do or don’t believe, a church is, and always should be, a safe space. The building, the people, the candles – it’s a peaceful escape for a couple of hours. 

Plus of course the carols, which is precisely what mum and I go for. There is very little in this world that music and singing can’t fix as far as I’m concerned , and after a pretty tricksy day dealing with migraines and anxiety, I came away feeling a whole lot calmer and ready to face the world again . 

So now I’m in bed, trying desperately to cling onto that calm and peace, as I get ready to fight my way through another week of deadlines, appointments, and what feels like a whole heap of uncertainty. 


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