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“I’m fine” and what it really means

on February 6, 2017

Everything is relative, right? We’re all different and we all have different ideals, limits, boundaries. My hair, for instance, is quite boring at the moment as far as I’m concerned, but to others it’s still quirky and I still get told I’m daring and/or brave about a hundred times a day. It’s all relative depending on your idea of “normal”. (As an FYI, my hair is blonde and red atm). 

And so that brings me to “I’m fine”. I’ve had several conversations over the last few days about what is normal for me compared to other people. Jon, for one, is a great example of the difference in what we’ll put up with – more than ten minutes to get to sleep and/or a bad night and he’s quite possibly the pissiest man alive. I, on the other hand, haven’t had a restful night’s sleep since the doctor gave me emergency Tamazapan a couple of years ago because I actually didn’t sleep for more than an hour a night for three months. I’m used to it now – I don’t like it, and I am so very envious of those of you who go to sleep and feel rested in the morning (don’t ever take that for granted people), but it’s normal for me now and therefore providing I have had some sleep, I’m fine. 

Today is definitely an “I’m fine” sort of day. Ok, my pain is a little higher than I’d like, my wrist keeps dislocating, and I’m sleepy, but that’s ok. It’s all just stuff that’s normal for me, I’m used to it, I can manage it quite easily by taking care of myself and listening to my body, and therefore I am actually fine. It’s not a cry for help or a “my life is so hard compared to yours”, it’s just – to use my most hated American phrase – it is what it is. 

So if I say I’m fine, know that I likely am, and that while I don’t require anything out of the ordinary, gentle hugs and pats on the head go a long way. Coffee is also gratefully received. Obviously. 


2 responses to ““I’m fine” and what it really means

  1. We still care, we still love & we still worry. It’s a compliment we care where you are at and how you are feeling. Was worried but try not to hassle, glad you are sort of fine x

  2. Jackie says:

    My wording for days like that is, “Today is acceptable.”

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