Musings and Snoozes

For the love of all things pastry shaped

on February 12, 2017

Well suffice to say, ow. All of the ow. I’ve had the hottest (some would say scalding) bath known to man, I’m in my pj’s, the heating is up so high that I think both Bella and Jon are panting, and I’m still in all kinds of pain.

BUT, I can cope with physical pain easier than the brain fog and the mental side of things, even more so when I know I’ve brought this on myself and that it’s worth every aching bone and dislocated joint. 

I don’t know what makes me happiest about going to Dominique Ansel – the beautiful cakes and pastries, the famous Cronut, the buzzing atmosphere, or just simply that it reminds me of so many happy memories in New York, first with Tess and then with Jon. Whatever it is, it makes me relax instantly and so I had a lovely chilled couple of hours there today. 

Of course, going the same weekend as having already been into London on the Friday was maybe not my brightest idea, and so consequently I have no one to blame but myself for the sheer amount I’ve put my body through. Now I just have to focus on getting myself to the point that I can physically get out of bed in the morning and go to work. At the moment I can’t move without some part of me seizing up or spasming, which does not bode well. 

And so I’m doing everything I can to help – I’m turning my phone off for the night,  stretching every single limb and muscle,  taking all of the medication, and hoping I have a peaceful night’s sleep, dreaming of all things Cronut shaped. 

Because sometimes, just sometimes, it’s worth the pain for something so good. 


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