Musings and Snoozes

I see you

For a change, the words in the quote above are my own. I wrote them while sat in the pub at Amanda Palmer’s pop up event a few weeks ago, surrounded by so many beautiful people and truly feeling seen for all that I am.

Because sometimes we need that far more than words or validation. We need someone in our lives who sees the parts we keep hidden from the rest of the world. The secret desires, the irrational fears, the hurt and the love and everything in between. If we’re lucky we have enough people in our world that can each see something different in us, and that’s enough, but when someone sees everything, puts all those pieces together, and can honestly say “I see you”, then the love and acceptance that comes with that doesn’t need to be said.

And that’s a very powerful feeling. One that I cling to when the world threatens to overwhelm me. Because as long as there is someone there who sees me, then I will always have somewhere safe to go.

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